Al Harding composer

Al Harding is a dedicated craftsman that has been composing and producing music and sound design for the screen for over 25 years across all genres. He is well respected in the industry for his versatility and expediency, winning many awards along the way.
Al prides himself on his interpretation of the brief.
His passion is in creating scores by blending traditional, acoustic, electronic and eclectic instruments.

Al spent much of his early career as a multi-instrumentalist and session musician, touring with, recording and producing, high profile Australian bands and artists.

Sam Harding composer

Sam Harding brings a raw musical approach, with an obsession for song writing and composing. 
Sam is experienced across a range of musical instruments and has practised his skills in multiple bands and studios across Melbourne.

While songwriting and composing are his true loves, Sam has a background of working as a producer, engineer, and music supervisor for different creative projects.
He has a unique approach to sampling and manipulating organic sounds, and with his knowledge of Melbourne’s musical landscape, Sam is ambitious towards any creative challenge.